About Us
Summit in Honduras is a humanitarian , non-profit 501 (c) 3 based in Breckenridge, Colorado. We provide outreach to impoverished families and children in rural western Honduras. We have been involved in caring for people in these areas since 2005.  Our missions include medical outreach, education, literacy, clean water and construction projects. In the past we have brought medical teams and medical supplies to the people, we have built an addition to a school to help relieve an overcrowded one-room schoolhouse, we have helped build a new medical clinic and repair an old, dilapidated clinic/school, and we have educated health guardians from remote villages to have the basic health information they need to serve their communities. Our newest projects involve bringing water to a tiny village and bringing books to rural communities that have minimal resources and no libraries.

We usually perform two missions per year: a medical outreach in the fall and a construction outreach in the spring.
We have impacted the lives of many hundreds of people, and our trips bring smiles to the faces of the Hondurans we serve and the volunteers that help us.

We can and do make a difference. Our progress is very small and slow, but we are making progress. We are partnering with small rural towns in the Departmento de Copan in northwestern Honduras. We are working with the people and trying to take our lead from them. Our goal is sustainability. We work with communities that are willing to make the effort and provide the support to sustain programs.

We are partnering with these small towns and working towards sustainability, health, education and clean water. On our medical missions we visit 3-6 villages and treat up to 7 or 8 hundred people over a week’s time. We are offering basic health care and health education. Over the next few years we will also provide clean water to villages, which is a huge component of the health care issue.

We have had over 50 different dedicated, caring people from Breckenridge and around the country join us in our effort to make a difference in Honduras. As one of our doctors has said, “It is the medicines and medical professionals that bring the people to our clinics but most important is our presence, just being there, showing that we care, that is the most vital component of why we are there.”