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Why Are These Children Waiting in Line?
Throughout the rural villages of Honduras, children rarely get enough to eat at home. With the help of international aid, community members are able to implement a feeding program that provides village children with one free meal per day. These children are waiting anxiously to receive their free meal. For some, this is the only meal they will have all day.

“The combination of malnutrition and infection is the leading cause of death among young children in developing .... Read More

What We Do

Medical Outreach:
Our medical missions involve small teams of about 8-12 people bringing medical supplies and health care to the mountainous communities of rural western Honduras. We partner with local doctors (where possible) and local health care individuals to provide medical clinics within the villages. As part of our mission, we help train Health Guardians in each small community, who can then serve as the main source of basic health care information for their community. We bring medical supp.... Read More

Missions related to health and medicine are our primary purpose. On each fall trip, we take a team of doctors, nurses, EMTs and non-medical volunteers to several small, remote villages to perform basic medical services. For many Hondurans we meet, this is the only access they have to medical care. As part of our outreach, we also support a health training programs. Health Guardians from remote villages meet monthly for training on basic health and medical issues. We provide them with educational materials and basic health.... Read More